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Marks & Sands Perth Lawyers is a leading mid-sized law firm with 40 staff members, including 6 Partners and 11 legal staff members. Marks & Sands Perth Lawyers provide a broad range of legal services includingFamily Law, Commercial Litigation, Estate Succession and Planning. Perth Law Firm Profile Perth Lawyers Expert Legal Advice Latest Legal News Contact Marks & Sands Perth Lawyers

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Marks and Sands is a Perth based law firm specialising in:

Perth Law Firm

Marks and Sands was established on 1972.

In 2001 we joined the Hunt & Hunt Legal Group. Hunt & Hunt is a major Australasian law firm with offices around Australia, New Zealand and China.

Our Australasian links through Hunt & Hunt mean that we are able to assist our clients wherever their needs may arise.

Internationally, Hunt & Hunt is a member of Interlaw, an International Association of Commercial Law firms which enables us to refer clients to quality firms in over 120 cities world wide.

Marks and Sands is a quality endorsed business through the Law Society of Western Australia's Quality Practice Standard.

At Marks & Sands Lawyers, we believe in being approachable and available to our clients. We have excellent relationships with our clients and a proven track record of providing efficient timely and cost effective legal advice.

We recognise that the quality of our professional services is dependent upon three factors:

  • The dedicated application of the highest levels of skill & knowledge
  • The effectiveness of the management systems we apply
  • The care and attention devoted by all our members of staff to service the welfare of our clients.

Our objectives therefore are to maintain compliance with the Law Society’s Quality Practice Standard and effectively apply and adapt the management systems and resources within our control to enable us to continue our commitment to provide exceptional quality legal services.

We also believe very strongly in the welfare of our staff. We have over the past 4 years developed a strategic partnership with Andersons Health & Fitness, who provide our staff with high quality group personal training, aimed at not only building health & fitness, but with important skills necessary to operate as a successful team.

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